About us

“Hopefully we could help building generations who understand and practice Islamic teachings and values based on the Al-Quran and the authentic Hadits (As-Sunnah) as understood and practiced by companions of Muhammad SAW.”

The Indonesian Muslim community in Auckland started a routine Islamic learning activity in 2004, each time hosted by different families. To better support the learning activities, the community rented a permanent place in 2009 to be used as a centre of Islamic learning. Due to the growth in learning activities, the community envisioned the establishment of a proper Masjid as a place of worship and a centre of learning and activity for general Muslim population in Auckland. To progress in this direction, the community established the Indonesian Islamic Centre organisation in 2014 and purchased a property to be used as a centre of learning and activity in 2015. The property is a stepping stone towards acquiring another land and building that is more suitable to be used as a Masjid, which will be named Masjid Utsman (Utsman Bin Affan Islamic Centre). Masjid Utsman will benefit not only the Indonesian Muslim community but also the fast growing Muslim population in Auckland.